The start of a *New* Paper and Fabric Quilt

 After choosing a thread, I pulled out the fabric paints and started mixing them to match it's *exact* hue. It is interesting to discover how much underlining colors are in each mix. How much blue, yellow, gray and brown in different amounts are included in the mix to achieve the color palette I wanted.
Afterwards, the recycled newspapers came out.

Then, I applied an original technique which I developed and named *Infused Newsprint cloth* (INC) .
 My method allows for the SEAMLESS integration of aged print on various types of cloth. Which is also WASHABLE
As shown on the figure, I am in the process of applying simple stitches around the shapes by hand.

The following picture was taken during my visit to the PUPS Quilt guild where I
 had the joy of giving a lecture entitled *The Odd Couple- Paper and Fabric in Quilting* What a nice and warm group of ladies!

*My Latest Article with Paper and Fabric* in Quilting Arts Magazine

*Gossip Birds*
a paper and fabric quilt
My latest article is out! I am on page 26 in QUILTING ARTS MAGAZINE -April/May 2018- Issue 92.
This article is entitled "A Way With Words", and shows on how to incorporate magazine clippings into an art quilt and on how to foil and sew paper on fabric successfully.
I had fun using DECO FOIL SHEETS
The best thread to use with paper and fabric quilts is LANA AURIFIL since it is delicate and strong and at the same time leaves bold marks of color and texture. 
and here it is the article with my quilt!
I hope you try this technique and have as much fun as I did.

Testing *PENS* to Write Messages on Cloth

I enjoy sending handmade cards to the people I love--and not just for Valentine's Day. This year I wanted the message to be part of the design and for that I needed to test pens on fabric. Let me show you how this card was created:

It all began with doodling on paper. After deciding which picture I liked best, I created a stencil of it. Then I took out the pens I have on hand. Only one was advertised specifically for use on fabric which is the *gel roller for fabric by Pentel*. The others tested are: Millenium 0.3 and 0.5 and Pigma 0.5

I didn't want the message to contradict the design so I needed to take into consideration the width of the pen marks. As you can see from the picture above, a scrap of the same fabric I use for the silk screened hearts has been used for the test.

To make it easier, I ironed the fabric to a piece of freezer paper.

For this project, the pen I liked the most was *Millenium 0.5*. It was easy to write with, didn't drag the cloth and it comes in a variety of colors.

I hope you always take the time to send a message of love to family and friends.

Remembering Prague, with *Paper and Cloth*

Techniques: INC (Infused Newspaper Cloth), deconstructed dyeing, HUG STITCH (hand-embroidery with Aurifil LANA thread for texture)
*Remembering Prague*
This is the finished piece. The best way to remember my trip to Prague...infusing the local newspaper into my cloth. Also added *instant* bling with metal foils and the deco-foil adhesive pen.

Happy New year 2018/ paper and fabric quiltlet

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such encouraging comments through the past year :) Welcome to my new followers I hope you will find inspiration through my art.

*Inspiration* from the International Quilt Festival 2017-Part Two

 *More Inspiration* from the International Quilt Festival 2017
Heure Bleue IV by Marianne Bender-Chevalley
Pregnant Pause by Joy McPadden
My Inner Yogi by Debbie Schulze
Sampler Reimagined by Sherry Davis Kleinman
(detail) Central Pivot by Kim Eichler-Messmer
At the waterhole by Sheila Finzer
Keeping Up Appearances by Jan Reed
Girona Portal by Laura Fogg

(detail) Contraste de Sabores by Montserrat Forcadell Blasco
(detail) Erté Bazaar II by Susan de Vanny
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