*Taming Tulle* and *Instant Bling* Workshop

I'd love to spark your creativity at one of my *NEW* workshops:

Foil Pen Play *Instant Bling*

Add *instant* bling to your quilts with metal foils and the deco-foil adhesive pen. Perfect to use up fabric scraps from previous projects.
Learn a fool proof technique that can be used with different fabric types.

Make a *Foil Town* quilt top.

Taming Tulle

 Learn how to tame this lightweight fabric to add lettering and delicate designs to your quilts.

Make an unusual *Fish Theme* quilt top.

*Paper and Fabric* quilt at AQS Quilt Show

This quilt is hanging at AQS 2017 International quilt show in Des Moines, Iowa, this coming weekend. I wish I could go and see it with all the other quilts.

*Embrace who you are* Part Two ..the finished quilt

If you have been reading my blog you must have noticed when I was working with the theme quilt shown below for a very special person. If not you can read more about it HERE.

This was a very emotional project for me. Although I finished it a few months back I couldn't write about it until now.

While I was working on the quilt top, she reminded me that *pink* was not her favorite color anymore. And since I wanted her to use the quilt and not keep it in a closet I had to start all over again with a different color palette. Time was an issue, so I decided to choose from the fabrics I had at hand.

Every time I finish a project, I cut the leftover pieces into 4 and 5 inch squares and put them in a box. It is from there that I chose the fabric I knew she would like.
Pieces were cut, then mixed and matched and sewn together. Keep in mind that  *I am not a piecer*...so this was a personal challenge for me.
Meanwhile, I dyed and silkscreened the main fabric for the message and the background. I used the book Quilt Talk" by Sam Hunter for the lettering. It was my first experience doing paper piecing and liked it.
I played around with the colors and shapes
Finally I decided on the arrangement and finished the top.
Last, I gave it to her. She has sent me a picture of the quilt over her bed.

I am pleased that she is using the quilt I made with all my heart. Every time she lays down to rest "on" the message *embrace who you are*, I wish I could tell her the same while holding her in my arms.

Thank you for stopping by!

Simply Moderne Magazine #9* My latest Article*

*Rainbow Flowers* 90cm -35 1/2 inches-
My latest article is out! I am on page 96 in the French magazine Simply Moderne number 9. In the article I teach you how to use liquid paint with hand-carved stamps.
It is a unique technique to achieve rainbow images on cloth.
You can also paint silk scarves or...
... a whole length of cloth like the one shown here.
This is a close up picture of the finished quilt. I used Aurifil LANA thread with the hug stitch!
I hope you will try it and have as much fun as I did :)


*Embrace who you are* Part One

I am challenging myself on making a pieced quilt! It is for a very special person. I want her not only to feel the warmth when she uses it but also to receive the message *Embrace who you are*.
With that in mind, after the fabrics have been hand-dyed I made a series of screens with letters, numbers, polka dots and one with the message: Embrace who you are. I used them to print with thickened dyes and with opaque paints all over the cloth. 

Afterwards, I used the book "Quilt Talk" by Sam Hunter to construct the word embrace. This is my first time doing paper piecing. The book's instructions were easy to follow even for a beginner like me!
this is a close up of the letter m
I also wanted to include a heart shape. I made this block inspired by the Tuesday hearts by Quiltmania
Stay tuned for my next post where I will show you my pieced blocks!
Thanks for stopping by.
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